Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber products are widely used in the aerospace and automaker industries, sports equipment, medical equipment, RC models, toys, kites, tents, civil construction, engineering reinforcements, among others. We can develop and produce all sorts of carbon fiber products according to our customer's needs.
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General Characteristics

Mechanical Properties

Density ASTM D792g/cm³1.55
Water absorption ASTM D570g/cm³1.55
Flexural strength ASTM D790N/mm²>600
Tensile strength ASTM D527-4N/mm²>450
Compressive strength ASTM D604N/mm²>500

General dimensions

Width X Length mmDefault 500 x 1000
Thickness range mm0.4...50
Dimensional Tolerance according to ASTM D709
Sheets dimensions above standard on request.

The values contained in this data sheet are based on the average of results obtained in our laboratory and are in accordance with the standards and methods above