About Eletrisol

Manufacturer and exporter

of Paper & Cotton Phenolic and fiberglass for insulation and mechanical application

Eletrisol in the Brazilian market pioneer industry for the manufacture of high pressure laminates for use in electrical insulation and mechanical applications, a company since 1952 working to preserve its position as a leader in the market where it operates, based on quality and requirements, driven by respect for its employees, customers and suppliers.

Eletrisol already exports its products to several countries, among which we mention: Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland and Spain.

We offer our customers a complete product line:

Foto aérea

Eletrisol plant in Itupeva - SP

Foto aérea

Eletrisol plant in Guaramirim - SC

Business Strategy

  • Strengthen the brand Eletrisol
  • Maintain the best relationship close to customers and suppliers
  • Expand and diversify the market participation
  • Keep preserved and fortified the company financial performance

Social and Environmental Responsibility

  • Equal value to all employees
  • Preserve the best relationship for the customers and suppliers
  • Keep waste generation under control
  • Follow procedures recommended by to ISO 9001