Pro Expand Glass

Porous expansive laminate made with glass mat and zinc accelerator. Expansion above 200% when immersed in epoxy system (resin + anhydride) at 150ºC / 90 minutes.


As spacers, locking material in various parts of coils of electric motors and generators
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General Characteristics

Physical Properties

Tests Norm Unit Thickness range
mm2,2 +0.5−0,11,2 +0.4−0,10,75 +0.3−0,1
Total Weigth IEC 371.2g/m²3600±4101830±1601130±110
Glass Weigth IEC 371.2g/m²2800±3501350±1800950±95
Veil Weigth IEC 371.2g/m²50±0,550±0,550±0,5
Organic Content IEC 371.2g/m²900±50480±20240±20
Expansion %>200>200>200
Color VisualPinkPinkPink


Sheet with 900 x 900 ± 50mm and 400 x 900 ± 50mm

Different thicknesses and dimensions upon request

Pro expand glass can be supplied in strips or as per customer request

The values contained in this data sheet are based on the average of results obtained in our laboratory and are in accordance with the standards and methods above