Thermosetting Laminate

for various industries

Power Generation and Distribution
Machines and equipment
Steel industries


Food services


among others

Producing quality since 1952

Eletrisol, a genuinely Brazilian company, founded in 1952 in Santo Amaro – São Paulo, prides itself for pioneering the manufacturing of thermosetting laminates, being the market leader in this segment. With remarkable performance in local and international market, offering solutions and services of electrical, electronic and mechanical insulation destined to the industries of: oil, steel, naval, food, agriculture, textile, aviation, paper and cellulose, mechanic, electric, electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, among others.

Pionner and market leader

Complete machining center

Two factories and over 150 employees

Investment in modern machinery

Structure with a total area of 25,000 square meters

ISO 9001 Certified

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Eletrisol develops innovative products based on new concepts and high tech in conformity with international rules and standards to meet the needs and expectations of our partners.

It produces laminates and technical parts: molded, machined, pressed, injected (APG system) and pultruded parts.