Epoxy laminate reinforced with glass cloth and conductive fillers with great mechanical and electrical conductivity. Available in thermal classes B and F.

Applications: Power generators and electric motors.

Tech info

EN 60893EPGC 201
Product structure Epoxy + glass cloth + conductive filler
Color Black  
Mechanical Properties
Flexural strength 300 N/mm²
Flexural strength at 150°C 175 N/mm²
Tensile strength 200 N/mm²
Compressive strength - crosswise 350 N/mm²
Impact strength 100 kJ/m2
Physical Properties
Specific weight 1.7 - 2 g/cm3
Water absorption (6.4mm) < 0.2 %
Flammability HB
Thermal Properties
Thermal class F (155 °C)
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